How to cook chicken breast don’t do this mistakes

How to cook chicken breast:It is natural to err on the side of man. Cooking in the same way is also a mistake.

How to cook chicken breast

It is said that cooking is a matter of taste and taste. Sometimes the cooking is handy if you want it to be very delicious. Be very cautious when cooking non-vegetarian food. Otherwise its taste is bad. A little savory, salty, and sour, but it tastes edible. There are several ways to avoid this. We will discuss them in this article.

How to cook chicken breast

In our state, poultry broth is made from different kinds. Mysore, Mangalore, Bangalore, Hassan Davangere and other places like chicken broth. In this article we will tell you some common mistakes that can be made when making chicken broth.

Frying onions as needed

As with any seasoning, the onion must be properly fried. One way to determine this is chicken spice. If the onion is not fried or over-fried, it can spoil the taste.

Lack of fresh spice

Freshly prepared spices make any chicken transport taste good. Some dry spices need to be pre-prepared. Ginger garlic paste, mustard or coconut paste is made fresh and used to enhance the taste.

Not properly frying the spices

Some people try to spice up chicken broth. If you do not give it time to mix it with fresh onion or pounded onion then the chicken transport will not taste good.

How to cook chicken breast:Proper quantity

It is essential to add the right amount of spice and water to the chicken transport. We know from ancestors what spices to put. Thus, the spicy variation is guaranteed to taste good.

Lack of cohesion

Some leave the chicken transport unattended. But the taste of chicken broth is always on your tongue if you put it together. Poultry transport may not taste as good if it is not cohesive.

Not properly cooked

Only when the chicken is properly prepared and its contents are combined with the broth can the chicken taste. But if the chicken broth is prepared, sometimes the chicken may not be properly cooked. Poultry may not taste as good as it does because it burns quickly.

(How to cook chicken breast)Some tips for preparing properly

Fry until the onions turn slightly brown. Fry the onion into the chicken broth and grind it properly.

Prepare dry spices before cooking and fresh spices an hour before cooking. Most spices have preservatives. This can damage the taste of the spice and cause health damage.

Cooking should be done quickly. You may need more time to prepare chicken broth. So that its nutritional values ​​and taste remain.

Put the tomatoes. Some may not like it. But cut the tomatoes, make the puree. This makes the chicken transport taste good. Fry the onion properly before adding the tomato. Once the tomatoes are properly blended, add some other spices.

Put the dry spices and garam masala for five minutes before extinguishing it. It stays like a good scent. In the same way it enhances the taste of chicken broth.

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