How to clean kitchen utensils step by step

How to clean kitchen utensils step by step:Take this step if you are washing dishes.

If the utensils are clean, the food prepared from them is also healthy. There are many types of products available on the market today to keep kitchen utensils clean and shiny. The spicy foods that all of us, Indians, make, are very sticky and oily.

How to clean kitchen utensils step by step

Cleaning utensils from any product is a daunting task. In this article, we will teach you how to make kitchen utensils shiny.

Take away extinct food

First, remove the food that is already in the container and put it in the trash can. Putting food into the sink can cause water problems in the sink. Take the food out of the pot.

(How to clean kitchen utensils step by step)Fill the sink with hot water

To remove the grease and oil content in the sink, you must first fill the sink with hot water. To do this, first set the sync. When dishwashing liquid into hot water, the containers will shine.

Dip the containers

Put the containers into the hot water containing the liquid in the sink. Put the most oily containers first.

Rub each one

Once the containers are soaked in water for a few minutes, rub them with liquid gel. Rub all utensils properly. This will remove the food and waste from the containers.

Some dishwash gel is very effective and it does away with grease which is stuck in all containers. If you wash the utensils with water at the end then the utensils will definitely shine. Before washing the utensils it is necessary to soak them in hot water with liquid soap.

Rinse with water

Wash the containers with water properly after scrub and make sure the soap content is gone.

(How to clean kitchen utensils step by step)Dry the containers

After this, wash the utensils properly using a kitchen towel. Put it on the rack to dry like containers. This can prevent water stains from remaining in the containers.

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