How to calculate number of solar panels required

How to calculate number of solar panels required :While installing solar power system at home, it is important to see how many panels can meet the power requirement. The way to find it out is very simple. For this you have to keep some factors in mind.


Solar system can prove to be a better option for you in dealing with many problems including non-availability of electricity. It is also the best option from the environmental point of view. Through solar system, the electricity requirement of your home can be met in an economical and beneficial way. You will not have to worry about electricity bill every month. Get the solar system installed once at home and then after that you will get rid of the electricity bill.

How to calculate number of solar panels required

In such a situation, if you also want to install solar system at your home, then you will have many questions in your mind. One of these questions will be that after installing how many solar panels can the electricity requirement of your house be fulfilled. Today we are giving you information about this.

How much electricity do you consume everyday?

Before installing a solar system, you have to find out how much electricity is consumed on an average in your house. The way to find it out is very simple. First of all, you have to see how many hours of electricity is required in your house and then multiply it by the average hours of sunlight per day.

After this, the total that will come out, you will divide it by the wattage of the panel. Companies installing solar power systems will also give you complete information about this.

What is the capacity of your solar panel?

Each solar panel produces energy only up to a specified capacity. It also depends on many other factors. The number of solar panels depends on how much space you have available to install it. If you want to install solar panels in less space, then you have to choose a panel with more wattage. You also have to see how many hours of sunlight you have on average.

Understand by example how many solar panels will do your job

Keeping these things in mind, you can estimate how many solar panels you have to install on an average at your home. Let us now understand this with the help of an example. Suppose you have good sunlight for an average of 4 hours every day. You are buying 325 watt solar panels. In this case, each panel generates 1,300 watt-hours per day (1.3 kWh) of energy every day.

In such a situation, if you consume an average of 29 kWh of electricity per day, then you will need to install 23 panels of 325 watts.

How to calculate number of solar panels required:keep these things in mind

In the initial installation, you may have to spend a huge amount for the solar system. In this too, you can save electricity by keeping some things in mind. Like the government gives some concessions on new solar installations. For this some incentive programs are run. If you want, you can also take solar panels on rent.

Because reduce the current Bill cost and unlimited Current requirment.

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