Home remedy for scorpion bite information here

Home remedy for scorpion bite :Scorpion is one of the poisonous creatures. Therefore, home remedies can be done immediately after a scorpion bite to avoid the danger. See here what the doctor has told you to do immediately after being bitten by a scorpion.

Home remedy for scorpion bite

Sometimes we get bitten by poisonous insects without even realizing it. In such a case, immediate treatment can be life-saving. Scorpion is one such creature.

Home remedy for scorpion bite

Some are poisonous scorpions while others are ordinary scorpions. Anything that bites is harmful to health. Thus primary treatment is necessary. So what can be done as a home remedy when bitten by a scorpion?

When bitten by a scorpion

Usually, when a scorpion stings, a small hole is formed in that area Fire the pain ,Swelling appears.

Use an ice cube

When bitten by a scorpion, the venom needs to be removed. So first wash the area clean using mild soap. Then keep an ice cube on the wound. This relieves inflammation and abscess.

(Home remedy for scorpion bite) Tie the clothes

A cloth is usually tied around a snake bite to prevent the venom from rising. In the same way, even when bitten by a scorpion, a tight cloth should be tied on the upper part leaving a distance of three fingers from the bitten area.

This is the first home remedy made by tribals. By tying clothes in this way, poison does not rise in the body. Remember to change the cloth every 5 minutes. The important thing is to ensure that the person bitten by the scorpion does not faint.


Generally everyone has asafoetida in their house. Asafoetida works as an excellent home remedy for scorpion bites.

Immediately after the scorpion bite, mix ginger in water and apply it on the affected area. This does not poison the body. In addition, the inflammation also reduces quickly.

Mango leaf or banyan leaf

Sometimes when you go to the forest, garden or field, the best medicine that can be used if you are bitten by a scorpion is a mango leaf or a banyan tree leaf. Anyone can use one.

Applying a paste of mango leaf or banyan tree leaf on the scorpion bitten area will control the inflammation and pain.


Being an excellent anti-inflammatory, Turmeric removes the anti-inflammatory properties of the body. It is advised to add turmeric to hot milk and drink it if there is no alargy in the body when bitten by a scorpion.

(Home remedy for scorpion bite)If so, consult a doctor

Sometimes when bitten by highly venomous scorpions, the sense of touch is lost at the site of the bite. Walking becomes difficult.
Vomiting experience
Blurred vision
Difficulty breathing
Increased heart rate
A residue appears in the mouth. In such a case a doctor should be consulted.

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