Home remedies for food poisoning

Home remedies for food poisoning:Although the outside foods are very attractive to look at, this does not mean they are healthy. If you find yourself attracted to something and you feel the effects of consuming food, immediately follow these housewares.

Home remedies for food poisoning

Outside foods, especially ready-to-eat foods, are the least likely to be used to treat every ingredient as being of good quality. This is because when food is important, food items are cheaply used and can lead to food poisoning.

Home remedies for food poisoning

If one of these foods is inadvertently consumed by a diet, immediately follow one of the home remedies described in today’s article. Because they use natural materials, they are safe and effective for everyone. If the home remedy appears to be worsening in a short time, it should be taken to the doctor without delay.


It is a wonderful food with powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and reduces diarrhea and stomach cramps and pain caused by the consumption of foods. Immediately after the effects of poisoning, one or two garlic infernoes are starved and swallowed with warm water.

If some people do not like garlic chew, just boil four garlic in two cups of water and drink it for a while. Drink this water every day until the effects of poisoning are completely gone.

Water mixed with lemon juice

Lemon juice is acidic and has the power to kill bacteria. Lemon juice is an easy and effective solution to food poisoning, especially in the stomach. Lemon juice mixed with digestion makes digestion much easier.

Lemon juice is a strong acid, so it should be mixed and diluted with water. Mix a little jaggery or sugar and drink one cup of water three times a day. Instead, fill a nugget of water with a liter of water and squeeze a large lemon into it and drink it for a little while throughout the day.

(Home remedies for food poisoning)Shirka of apples

If the smallpox appears, that is, about two hours after eating, it can be estimated to be an infection of the intestines. The apple shirka is the best solution to this problem. Mix two tablespoons of Shirkha in a glass of hot water and serve a little before the next meal.


Ayurveda Tulsi, which has been used as a medicine for many ailments for thousands of years, also cures stomach cramps. Its antimicrobial properties help to correct any bacteria or germs that cause stomach problems. In the stomach, if you have an inflamed, inflamed, sour cream, boil about a handful of fresh basil leaves in two to three cups of water for a couple of minutes, then stir and leave to cool. After cooling, stir in a little honey and empty the liquid for a few minutes. If possible, swallow some fresh basil leaves. If this is not possible, you can also mix some leaves with a little bit of mozzarella.


Cinnamon boiled water is also a great remedy for relieving depression. The best part is to keep the cumin seeds well-seasoned throughout the day. If this is not possible, stir enough cumin into a cup of water to boil it. Once the boil starts, pick up the steam and let it cool. Now add a small spoon of coriander juice and a pinch of cinnamon. If you have a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, add a little water to this water. Drink this water twice and empty it twice a day. It also cleanses the digestive system, providing relief from the consumption of toxins.

(Home remedies for food poisoning)Honey

Honey, mentioned in the scriptures as a food that never perishes, has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. In case of indigestion or inflammation of the stomach, drink a small teaspoonful of fresh honey three times a day. Honey reduces the high acidity produced in the stomach and reduces the effect of toxins.


Excess potassium loss can be caused by these fluids if you vomit within a few minutes after a meal, or if you experience persistent diarrhea after a while. To replenish it, eat a well-ripened banana of large size. Lack of potassium completes it and the diarrhea regains the energy lost by vomiting. If you do not want to eat banana, add two banana pulses in a cup of hot milk and mix well.

Yogurt and Menthe

Yogurt is already a digestible food and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. These correct the abundance of microorganisms encountered in the digestive tract. Menta legume is a good option to treat. Rinse with a small spoon until they are soft. Put the kernels in the mouth and swallow a small spoonful of yogurt. Repeat this procedure several times a day, until abdominal pain subsides.

Orange juice

Orange juice, like lemon, is slightly acidic and rich in many vitamins and nutrients. If the blood pressure in the body is elevated due to food poisoning, orange juice is a good option. To do this, peel off about six to seven well-ripened fruits and put them in a large jar of blender. Drink this juice for a little while and drink it empty.

Home remedies for food poisoning:Other tips

Our digestive tract needs frequent rest. You should also fast often to give this rest. If you eat a little too much or eat oily foods, don’t eat anything for the next few hours. Diet products, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine intake should be considered if you are suffering from depression.

Stay hydrated throughout the day, at regular intervals. Serve soups and other non-alcoholic beverages. Once you feel the stomach ache is a little better, you can eat your favorite spicy biscuit, banana and rice porridge. If you feel vomiting immediately after taking something, stop eating immediately and consult a doctor.

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