Healthy foods to eat in rainy season Some important tips

Healthy foods to eat in rainy season :What food should be consumed during the rainy season? Read and follow the article until the end to learn what foods should not be consumed.

Healthy foods to eat in rainy season

It is common to suffer from a number of mild illnesses during the rainy season. Kovid 19 already spread throughout the country and is not completely cured. Symptoms of a terrible infection called Covid-19, fever, colds, cough, pain in the throat, pain in my hands.

Healthy foods to eat in rainy season

Normally in the rainy season, there are common colds, coughs, fever, and pain in my hands. We will visit the hospital immediately after all the above symptoms appear. Compared to the summer season, the rainy season is an unfavorable season for germs to germinate. Eating healthy and nutritious food is especially important during the rainy season. Some dietary supplements should be adopted to prevent exposure to delicate diseases during the rainy season.

What food should be consumed during the rainy season? Read and follow the article until the end to learn what foods should not be consumed.

Drink hot water

Most people may not have a habit of drinking hot water. But hot water intake during the rainy season is good for health. In some houses, people use the water directly from the kitchen and the bore water. They do not know that it is easily contaminated with germs during the rainy season. Drinking such water can increase your risk of infections, diarrhea or typhoid. So drink plenty of fresh water.

Stay away from such foods

In fact, everyone loves to eat hot, delicious food in the rainy season. But overeating these oily and spicy dishes can make you feel bloated. Stomach problems are more frequent during the rainy season. Such a diet slows down the metabolism, making it difficult for the stomach to absorb the nutrients in the food.

Stay away from watery foods

It is best to stay away from watery foods such as juice, lassi, watermelon etc especially during the rainy season. This is because eating such foods causes swelling in the body. Also, use garlic in your diet. It helps to improve immunity.

(Healthy foods to eat in rainy season )Serve with yogurt

Prefer intake of milk instead of milk. This is because it avoids the possibility of bad bacteria in the body. Add vegetables such as methi, cucumber, neem and turmeric to the diet. This helps prevent infections.

Moderate the meat

If you are a hardcore carnivore, limit the meat for a couple months. Also avoid street food altogether. Avoid pre-cut fruits, deep fried foods, junk food or panipuri. Consume salt too. High salt intake can lead to high blood pressure.

Eat these fruits

During the rainy season, eat fruits such as apple, lychee, plum, cherry, papaya, pears and pomegranates. Such fruits help to improve immunity during the rainy season. Avoid eating watermelon and muskmelon fruit. Do not eat fruits that are cut and sold on the street side as mentioned earlier.

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(Healthy foods to eat in rainy season)Spicy pedicures

It is rich in spices, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding more spices such as turmeric, black pepper and clove to your daily diet can help protect against infections. You can also get rid of cold and flu. Spices help boost immunity. So keep a decoction of spices in your diet frequently. So make your diet a little healthier during the monsoon or rainy season.

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