Green tea benefits and side effects during pregnancy

Green tea benefits and side effects:Although green tea is good for health, it should be consumed by pregnant women in moderation.

Green tea benefits and side effects

Green Tea as soon as we know about its health benefits. Green tea is said to be more effective than any other tea.

If green tea is used, it will not only help to treat the problem of diabetes but also play an important role in antioxidant health care.

Green tea benefits and side effects

It is important to know who can consume Green Tea and who should stay away from it. Can pregnant women drink Green Tea in particular?

If you drink, you will need to know what the benefits are and the side effects. This article addresses the confusion of pregnant women about green tea.

How much to drink

200mg of caffeine should be consumed daily during pregnancy. This includes all kinds of beverages that contain caffeine.

You should restrict it to two cups of coffee, tea or green tea. What’s the damage from excessive green tea?

Problem with folic acid absorption

Folic acid intake is essential during pregnancy. This reduces the risk of neuropathy in the baby. Lack of this can cause a baby spinal cord problem.

Folic acid is most needed during the first 12 weeks. Therefore, excessive consumption of green tea during this time can cause problems with the absorption of folic acid.

Difficulty in iron absorption

Excessive consumption of green tea prevents blood cells from absorbing iron. This affects the production of hemoglobin. This can lead to anemia in pregnant women and a lack of oxygen to the fetus.

(Green tea benefits and side effects)Increased metabolic level

Increased metabolic levels during pregnancy. This is due to a change in hormones. Excessive consumption of green tea will increase metabolism. This can lead to many problems for the pregnant woman.

If you cannot skip the green tea during pregnancy, be very careful and consume it in moderation.

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