Foods that boost immune system know all details here

Foods that boost immune system:Usually, during the monsoons or winters, our body’s immune system has health problems that are not present.

Foods that boost immune system

Winters are slowly getting worse, and in addition to the problems of small and small diseases … no matter how careful you are at this time, they will not leave you alone!

Foods that boost immune system

Usually by the end of November and beginning of December, the sweat in my mouth begins to flow with cold fluid in the nose, and often throat pain and coughing.

If left untreated, cold, cough, fever, throat pain, one by one, will unleash our immune system!

Eat fruit-vegetables at this time

A healthy immune system starts with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It supports your body with life essences like Vitamin ‘C’, Vitamin ‘K’, Vitamin ‘A’ and Vitamin ‘D’.

A shortage of these nutrients can also reduce your immunity. Once your body’s immunity is low, you may be exposed to more deadly infections.


Most people are negligent about the vegetables. But it has all the ingredients for health. It is very good for consuming palak in winter.

This vegetable is very good for a healthy body, depending on the season. If the vegetables are consumed in the season without being processed, then the benefits are greater. It promotes premature aging, blindness, and immunity. It also protects us from the many haunting problems of winter.

Vitamin A, B, and C in Palak soap. E, K, zinc, magnesium and sugar cane, which improve circulation and detoxify the body.


Orange juice and orange fruits provide potassium, a good source of vitamin ‘C’, which is known as a healthy blood pressure, folic acid and antioxidant.

It has been shown to help develop a healthy immune system in the human body.

Foods that boost immune system:Apple fruit

Indian-origin apples from the mountainous northern regions are the most available fruit in the winter. Apples have high levels of fiber and vitamins and minerals. It contains pectin, which works to promote gut health.

Antioxidants in apples reduce the rate of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In addition, vitamin C boosts the body’s immune system.

Everyone knows that eating an apple every day can keep us away from doctors, but who doesn’t. Stay away from doctors by eating an apple a day.

Gauva fruit

Gauva fruit also has its own health enhancing properties. There are vitamin A, copper, and fiber. Eating Gauva fruit in winter helps prevent cell damage and inflammation. The pectin in them promotes digestion and prevents colon cancer.


Pineapple contains the anti-inflammatory enzyme “bromelain”. “Bromelain” is helpful in calming cough and soothing sore throat. A rich source of vitamin ‘C’ is an added bonus for the prevention of unhealthy symptoms!

(Foods that boost immune system)Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes… It’s not just a ‘cold – prevent’ food. But they are also a wonderful source of vitamin A. It plays an important role in maintaining the health of the mucosal surface. The inner part of your nose, the gastrointestinal tract, and your skin are carefully guarded.

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