Five types of teas that are healthy in the rainy season

Five types of teas that are healthy in the rainy season:Seeing the GTGT rain outside is such a delight to drink such hot tea.

Five types of teas that are healthy in the rainy season

The rainy season has already begun on all sides. It is impossible to get out of the house during the rainy season. Don’t know if Appi missed it! Cold, cold, cough, and fever are waiting for us.

The truth is that climate change is not the only cause of the weakness of our body’s immune system.

So we must protect our health by practicing healthy habits and good lifestyle from scratch.

Five types of teas that are healthy in the rainy season

Think of it this way, if we are in the habit of consuming healthy tea with good and healthy drinks, our lives will be healthy and enjoyable.

Choosing the best healthy teas should be your choice, especially in the rainy season, not only tasting our tongues, but also maintaining our body temperature for outside cold weather and strengthening immunity. In this article, some healthy healthy teas are presented.

Basil Mixed Green Tea

Basil Mixed Green Tea is available to match the tea season as a home remedy for rain and other ailments such as colds, colds and coughs.

This is because it is characterized by fighting infections. It also has the ability to improve the health of the stomach and repair the respiratory system.

It is also very easy to prepare at home. Simply putting a little basil and green tea leaves into the boiling water will make the tea.

You can mix and drink some honey in it while you drink. It is a very healthy tea.

Tea of ​​peppermint leaves

Mint has tremendous benefits in keeping the body cool and has natural medicinal properties.

It gives the mouth a fresh taste and calms the brain and nervous system. Our body develops digestive power and eliminates bad breathing.

During the rainy season, this tea will work best against the illness of the digestive system.

Green Tea

Green tea stands first in many healthy drinks. This is because the antioxidant content of it increases the health benefits. These are important in eliminating toxic elements in our body.

Lemon Grass Ginger Tea

Drinking Lemon Grass Ginger tea in the morning once in a while helps keep the day fresh.

This tea is especially useful for vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, fever, cough, etc., especially during the rainy season.

Five types of teas that are healthy in the rainy season:Chamomile tea

It is the tea that makes the body feel fresh by its taste. Maintains our body temperature at best during the rainy season and protects us from cough and cold problems.

It is also beneficial for many skin problems and hair health. This is likely to benefit when the stomach is rotten.

Also, chamomile tea, which contains diuretic properties, helps to rid our body of toxins and completely treats kidney problems and diabetes.

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