Drumstick cultivation in India:Best drumstick variety

Drumstick cultivation in India:Consumption of drumstick provides relief in many types of physical ailments. Whereas due to its multiplicity, it also gets the power to fight an epidemic.

Drumstick plant

Drumstick is used as a plant with divine properties. The importance of drumstick and sweet neem (curry leaves) is already known to the people of South India as compared to North India.

The scientific name of drumstick is Moringa oleifera. It is also a versatile plant, so all parts of the plant are used in food, medicine, industrial work etc. It is also a multi-year crop grown throughout the year. Drumstick is cultivated not only in India but also in countries like Philippines, Hawaii, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Malaysia etc.

Drumstick cultivation in India

Agricultural scientist Dr. SK Singh says that farmers are earning well by doing easy cultivation of drumstick. But we also need to know what can be the benefit of eating it. Drumstick harvest is done twice a year. A traditional drumstick in which the fruit comes once a year, the fruit is used as a vegetable during the winter. There are some species in which fruits are produced twice a year. Its cultivation is more in South India. The happy result of this is that the people there use drumstick in every season. Its essentiality will definitely be seen in their dishes.

Easy crop is drumstick

Keeping in mind its medicinal and industrial properties, farmers can call it a source of income for a long period. Drumstick is a crop giving income without any special care and at zero cost. By planting some Drumstick plants on unusable land, where vegetables will be available to them for household food, they can also achieve economic prosperity by selling it.

Chandradev Prasad, cancer doctor of Ayurveda tells about it

Cancer doctor Chandradev Prasad says in Ayurveda that there are abundant nutrients and vitamins in its fruits and leaves. According to a study, it contains four times more potassium than milk and seven times more vitamin C than orange. Which is very special for the body. Ayurveda medicine can be prepared from drumstick bark, leaves, seeds, gum, root etc.

Drumstick cultivation in India :Antibiotic Antifungal, Antibacterial Properties

Must consume drumstick to avoid corona. The properties found in it give strength to fight against corona. Those who have got corona can also consume drumstick. Drumstick is also antibiotic, antifungal, and antibacterial. Being an antianalgesic, it is used for quick relief from pain. Its consumption provides long relief. Grinding its bark gives maximum relief in knee pain. Smelling its powder gives instant relief in headache. Moringya syrup has also come in the market, which is made from the leaves. It is used in the treatment of more than 300 diseases.

Prevention of food Adulteration Act notes

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