Drinking lemon water for body odor in summer benefits

Drinking lemon water for body odor :Due to perspiration, does my smell come from? So eat these foods ..

Drinking lemon water for body odor

My sweats in summer are common in everyone. Especially in the morning in the mornings, when we are ready to go on duty.

Even scents and perfumes that cost hundreds of rupees are not workout at this time! Overall, however, the odor of sweat, even in the hottest part of the summer, can sometimes be unsettling. This can irritate not only our neighbors but also ourselves. But here are a few simple tips to help you get rid of this bad sweat. They are addressed in this article … Read More …


As we all know, onions and garlic are the most important food items used in our daily cooking. These are a must for any food preparation.

Whether it is veg or non-veg, all of them have all the attributes that make every dish taste more and more and more delicious! But this is only one compliant, if you use the most frequently used spices, their body sweat will have a very irritating odor! So those who have a problem with excessive sweating are a little better off ..

Drinking lemon water for body odor Citrus fruits

These citrus fruits contain a large amount of vitamin C, which helps to eliminate the problem of bad body odor due to excessive sweating.

For example, include lemons, oranges, molasses, pineapple, strawberries, etc. in your diet. Drink as much lemon juice as possible in the summer, and make a habit of drinking orange juice.

Serve with yogurt

We all know that yogurt is a product of milk. It also contains a number of essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, potassium and magnesium.

In addition to its specialty meals, consuming yoghurt improves the body’s digestion process and eliminates toxic wastes easily.

Also, the beneficial bacteria in the skin control the sweat glands found in the skin and produce excessive sweating. Therefore, eating yogurt with meals every day will not only improve your health but also eliminate your body odor.

Fenugreek seeds

Our health-preserving properties are found in most of the ingredients in the kitchen. If used properly, it can prevent any kind of illness. A good example of this is fenugreek.

Soaking a couple tablespoons of whole grain overnight and consuming it the next day is a great health benefit. One of the main reasons is that antibacterial and antifungal properties are often found, which helps to rid the body of bad odors.

(Drinking lemon water for body odor)Lemon juice

Drinking as much water and other healthy beverages as possible during the summer will help eliminate the odor of sweat. This is because it excretes not only in sweat but also in urine, the immense bad toxins found in the body. Thus the odor of sweat is reduced. Such drinks are especially useful during the summer season.


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