Does the fridge need to be clean? Follow these tips

Does the fridge need to be clean? Follow these tips:A beautiful refrigerator in your home can be kept tidy inside and out. It is not a difficult task. See here for advice.

Does the fridge need to be clean? Follow these tips

Having a refrigerator in the house can be said to be a sign of respect. A cute looking refrigerator with a beautiful design will enhance the beauty of the home.

Does the fridge need to be clean? Follow these tips

If a fridge is at home, it will be of great use. Decayed food items can be kept in it. Fruits and vegetables etc. can be kept fresh for a long time. But such a refrigerator requires careful maintenance from you. Learn to keep the refrigerator as clean as possible. Here are some tips for that.

Close the refrigerator door quickly

This is very important and something you should do first. This is because if you leave the refrigerator door open for too long, it will have to go through the cooling process again to build a cooler environment inside. In this case, extra electricity will be consumed and you will be burdened on your monthly bill. So close the door immediately after taking something out of the refrigerator or putting something inside.

Check the refrigerator gasket

This gasket helps the refrigerator door to sit securely. It should be good all around. Otherwise, if there are cracks, hard or holes, cold air is coming out from it. No doubt it consumes extra power. This is what happens if it goes without proper maintenance. So check it often.

Set the correct temperature

As much as possible, set the temperature at which your refrigerator should handle the most efficient cooling. Sometimes the more things you put inside the refrigerator, the more cooling you need to set. This prevents the food items from spoiling.

Arranging is an art

The boxes of food items that you keep inside the refrigerator should always be covered with lids. In addition, you should also know which box of food should and should not be kept next to which box. It is good to keep meat separately. Due to this, other food items do not get its smell. Similarly, make a habit of keeping any greens-vegetables etc. which have a strong smell and keep them in a box with a tight lid.

Do not close the refrigerator vent

No matter how many food items you keep in your refrigerator, they should not block the vents for any reason. This allows the cool air to escape. This again requires more effort to create a refrigerator cooling environment.

Remove the built-up ice

For this a button is provided in every refrigerator and you just need to press it. It is called the defrost button. A large amount of ice builds up in the upper freezer when the refrigerator is operated for a long time. You should reduce it every two days as mentioned above. Do this at least once in four to five days.

Do not place close to the wall

Everyone makes such a mistake. That means placing the refrigerator against the wall. Don’t make that mistake. Leave a gap between the refrigerator and the wall. This allows the temperature generated in the refrigerator to go outside and the refrigerator functions optimally.

Similarly, if you have a refrigerator in your house, its four legs should be at the same height. Otherwise the liquids you put inside will spill out. This can also happen when you open the door. So ensure that the refrigerator height is correct on all four sides as much as possible.

Clean the refrigerator often

Refrigerator cleaning is very important if you want to keep your home refrigerator in good condition for a long time and stay trouble-free. Try to clean your refrigerator when you can, i.e. on weekends. Also, if it is not cleaned for many days, the refrigerator will smell. So if you have a bottle of vinegar, take a small amount of it on a damp cloth and rub it all over the inside of the refrigerator.

Clean the condenser coil

It’s a bit of a chore. Still, it’s good to do. Heat escapes from the condenser coil. It is usually placed at the back of the refrigerator. If it is not cleaned regularly, dust, dirt, hair etc. get trapped in it and the performance of the refrigerator decreases. This mainly leads to high power consumption. But to clean it, you switch off the refrigerator, remove the plug from the socket, loosen some screws and clean it with a vacuum cleaner or condenser cleaner tool.

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