Diabetes side effects know here all information

Diabetes side effects :Once diabetes meets, it is a dream come true! So good to be wary of this disease …

Diabetes side effects

As we all know, diabetes, once covered by us, cannot be completely overcome. But if you have the right diet and good lifestyle at this time, you can make an effort to control it, albeit only a little!

Diabetes side effects

In addition, pills or medications given by the doctor should be taken at the right time. They should follow the recommended dietary habits, avoiding bad habits such as alcohol and smoking, as well as providing regular exercise and physical exercise to the body.

Why does man get diabetes?

Because of the food we eat, the glucose content in the body is combined with our blood. It is controlled by insulin.

This insulin is produced by the pancreas in our body. If the pancreas does not produce enough insulin in our body, then the blood sugar slowly slows down.

Diabetes can easily engulf the human body. What’s more terrifying is that once the disease engulfs a man, it is permanently in his body and ready to give him enough trouble! During this time, the health of the person is severely compromised.

Like a heart attack !!

Without proper diabetes screening and dieting, a healthy lifestyle can be a risk factor for high blood sugar levels. Cardiovascular problems, more often than not, can also cause heart attack and stroke.

The legs become numb!

If a person does not get control of diabetes, ie blood sugar levels are not controlled, there is a possibility that somebody may get prickled on their hands and feet.

As the circulation of the body decreases, suddenly the legs become numb. If this problem is found, go to the doctor immediately.

The sight of the eyes

This is terrible news! Experts say that if diabetes or diabetes does not get out of control, it can cause a man to lose sight of the eyes!

The main reason for this is that insulin is not produced properly in the body, and blood sugar levels can cause the eyes to become frozen! It can also cause infection in the eyes, which can lead to more inflammation and pain in the eyes!

(Diabetes side effects)There may be a problem with the kidneys

Diabetes is a major damage to the kidneys if they lose control. For some, the kidneys are completely spoiled. There may also be a need for dialysis or a kidney transplant. So don’t ignore the diabetes problem.

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