Curry leaves for pimples know here how to apply

Curry leaves for pimples :If you listen to the benefits of this curry gourd that enhances the taste of cooking, it is truly amazing!

Curry leaves for pimples

When preparing homemade tomato juice, sambar, or vegetable fruit, cultivars, especially when it comes to cooking, we use the charcoal greens.

Because these leaves have unique flavoring qualities, any broth, fruit, sambar, etc. that we prepare can play an important role in enhancing the taste of the dish. As you may know, in South India, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, there is no cuisine without curry!

Curry leaves for pimples

As we now use this curry greens for our every day cooking, there are already many examples of how to improve the taste and feel of the disease. According to Ayurvedic scholars, curry leaves have a tremendous power in controlling diabetes, including cardiovascular diseases such as Qatarq diseases.

What’s even more surprising is that curry leaves have proven that there is no shortage of herbs, even when it comes to solving the aesthetic problem. Come along with today’s article on how to use natural ingredients that come naturally with curry leaves and how to solve skin problems.

A solution to the problem of curry leaves and turmeric acne

According to beauty experts, pimples on the face are common as they enter adolescence. The main reason for this is that acne arises from changes in hormones in the body.

However, this is not a big problem, but sometimes these acne problems can damage the beauty of the face. Sometimes acne can come in just a couple of days, but these can damage the face! Curry leaves are the best solution for such problems.

Do this

Take a handful of curry leaves, ie a fist and wash them thoroughly with water. Now add a bit of turmeric mixture to make it a teaspoonful and prepare the ruby ​​thickness as a paste.

Now apply this paste on all sides of the face. Then gently massage it in a circle with the help of a hand finger. Then leave for about half an hour and wash your face with cold water. Try this natural face pack twice a week for best results …

If you have wrinkles on the face, streaks

On aging, wrinkles on the skin are common. It is also the law of nature. But nowadays some people do not reach the age of twenty-five, thirty-five, already have wrinkles on the hands, wrinkles on the fruit’s face, and pimples on the face.

Instead of using all the expensive anti-aging chemical creams available on the market, using some home remedies instead of burning the problems! If you use a little curry leaves with Multani mitti, such problems can be mitigated.

Do this for yourself ..

Wash the leaves of the little curry leaves well, dry them in the sun, and grind. Now make a thick paste by mixing it with a little Multani mitti and similar amount of rose oil.

Now apply this paste on all sides of the face. Then gently massage it in a circle with the help of a hand finger. Remember to apply this paste to the eye area. Leave it to dry for about half an hour, then rinse off with cold water.

Curry leaves and milk for skin problems

Do we all know that milk enhances health and beauty too? There are plenty of examples that have solved the problem of skin problems, along with milk and some healthy ingredients. Mix curry greens with milk, which can alleviate many skin problems in the summer!

(Curry leaves for pimples)Do this for now

For the first large bowl of milk, put some curry leaves and let it boil for five to ten minutes. Then turn off the gas and heat it to cool.

Once the mixture is tender, apply curry leaves to the skin where skin problems appear.

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