BSC third year industrial microbiology model question Paper

In this article we discribed about BSC third year industrial microbiology model question Paper which make help to Guide the microbiology students to get Good marks in feature.

BSC third year industrial microbiology model question Paper Like wise need we provided Sample Question Paper with Answers.

Two mark quations Paper

1.Enlist any biocontrol agents.

Answer: Bio Control means biolagical methods to controlling the any plant and animal disease. Example:Bt- Cotton in plants .

2.What is a role of sparger in fermenter?

Answer: Sparger is a product which help to support introduce air to the fermenter.This are using in fermting divice very essential.

3.Enlist any buffer used in fermentation process?

Normally buffer used in fermentation is Carbon dioxide and Yeast which make to control PH of the fermentation process.

4.what is Continuous fermentation ? Give any One example

Continuous fermentation normally we can see in Industrial microbiology constant flow medium through the reactor is called continuos fermentation. Example: Production of beer and and wine industry.

5.Enlist any two micro organism involved in pectin degradation?

Answer: Pectin degradation is found in industrial microbiology in fungi are Ascomyceyes and Deuteromycetes and Bacteria in volved in this is Bacillus and Pseudomonas,Staphylococcus.

6.write any two example of free living Nitrogen fixing microbes?

Answer:Free living Nitrogen fixing micro organism are Nostac and Anabaena.These organism found in the root of the plant.

7.What is Computation type of Microbiology interaction ?

Answer:Computation type of Microbiology intaraction where two microbes fight together getting some need and potential ofgettingneed visvasa is called Computation type of Microbiology interaction .

8.Give the role of bacteria in nitification process?

Answer: In Bacteria nitrification process two steps involved Bacteria convert+Ammonia to nitrites and bacteria convert nitrites to nitrates.In this process bacteria act as as a medium.

9. what is seed Culture?

Answer: Seed Culture is like a tissue culturing techniques in this culturing the seed which gives high quality of disease Resistant varities.

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