Best time to drink green tea

Best time to drink green tea:If you have a habit of drinking tea in the evening or as soon as you get up in the morning, quit now.

Why do we drink tea? To get away from the stress we face in our day-to-day work. So much freshness makes home in our minds.

Best time to drink green tea

But when we should drink tea and when we should not drink it, we first need to know what are the health risks. These are discussed in this article.

Bed tea drinking

If you have already used bed tea instead of drinking bed coffee in the morning, it is best to skip it now.

This is because a very high indigestion problem can be said. Not only does this increase the amount of acid in your stomach, it can damage your oral health and cause toxic effects on your body.

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Drinking tea after a meal

Phenolic elements found in tea will not leave your body absorbing protein and iron content.

This causes a lack of nutrients in your body. People who have anemia, they have a heart problem and blood pressure are also at risk.

The habit of drinking sleeping before tea

Drinking a glass of milk at night is good for health. Do not drink tea before going to bed at night for any reason. This is because the body gets more and more caffeine and has a problem with insomnia.

Tea with pills

If you are consuming a calcium or iron pill that your doctor has prescribed, don’t drink tea afterwards or before.

This is because these do not leave tea for your body to absorb. So it is advisable to drink orange juice before or after taking such pills.

(Best time to drink green tea)Mosquito or fly-lying tea

If you drink a mosquito or a fly tea as shown in the old-fashioned movies, nothing will happen.

This is because it can cause infections of the stomach. So let such unhealthy habits be off your list.

Can children drink green tea here is the information

What happens if i drink green tea everyday?

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