Best exercise to lose weight in your home know here

Best exercise to lose weight :Exercise helps to reduce unwanted fat and body weight. Here are 5 exercises to reduce excess fat around your stomach.

Best exercise to lose weight

Our routine is like a machine. Due to this stressful life, it can be difficult to set aside time for yoga and fitness. Exercising regularly and eating healthy is a long way off.

Best exercise to lose weight

Only a few people exercise and eat nutritious foods for a healthy lifestyle.

If you don’t like going out and exercising this winter, doing these 5 exercises for 15 minutes in your bed can help reduce the unwanted fat around the abdomen.


You can get a flat stomach by planking. Get a push up position on the bed first. Bend your elbows 90 degrees. The elbows should be directly below your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line from your head to your feet. Rest this position for 15 to 20 seconds. Then repeat to 5 times.

Roll ups

Lie on the bed, keeping your legs straight and arms extended over your head and holding the toes. Hold for a few minutes in this pose. Then come to the same position. You should not fold your legs for any reason when doing this exercise. Knees can bend as the feet rise up.

Bicycle Crunch

Crunching this bicycle can make you a flat stomach. Exercising can ease the abdominal pain caused by abdominal distention. First press your back on the bed and lie down.

Lift the head, shoulders and back off the bed, then tighten your abdominal muscles. Exercise to the right and to the left in the same way as cycling. In addition, use your hands to the left and the right to the left.

V ups

Before doing this pose, lie on your back and keep your arms straight. Gently lift your legs and arms and bend at the waist. That means bring your body into a V shape. Extend your hands to your feet as far as possible. Remember, your hands and feet should be straight when doing this exercise.

Hold this position for a few seconds to get it isometric contraction of your abdominal muscles. Doing this exercise will help you gain an obese hip and a strong spine.

(Best exercise to lose weight)The butterfly

First lie down on the bed with the soles of your feet and lightly place your hands behind your head, forming the shape of butterfly wings. Play your legs like butterfly wings. Doing so will not only shorten your abdominal muscles, but also strengthen your thighs with exercise.

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