Benefits of okra water here is the information

Benefits of okra water:okra can be flavored to prevent eye damage and increase its visual acuity. Gumbo provides the essential nutrients for eye health.

Benefits of okra water

The eye is also one of the most delicate organs. Eat foods that are rich in nutrients to keep your eyesight healthy. Increasing the muscles of the eye and the power of vision. Thus, children, adults and the elderly can incorporate Bendeka into their diet.

Benefits of okra

Vitamin C is rich in ghee. This is to help improve eye health. The beta-carotene content in the okra can easily alleviate the eye problem. Experts say that vitamin A and beta carotene fight against eye problems.

Help with visual acuity

Incorporating ghee into our diets on a regular basis can keep many health problems at bay. Especially for the eyesight to get sharp. Eliminating cataracts such as cataracts in older people. Including ginger in a regular diet can completely control the problem of cataracts and infections.


Okra can be enjoyed as a food dish in a variety of ways. Various health problems can be put under control, such as weight loss, better digestion, and prevention of weakness. If you have difficulty preparing a gourd meal, you can eat 1-2 beans on an empty stomach every morning.

Milk with okra

First, rinse and clean 10 gms of bendka.

  • Add the finished Ladies finger to a cup of milk and keep it boiling.
  • Then add the milk and drink it well.
  • If a gourd powder is added, a cup of milk can be added to the water

(Benefits of okra water )okra water

Rinse the bendka thoroughly, shave off the tip and the base.

  • The middle cleft of the okra
  • Add a glass of water to a bowl and rinse the sifted okra.
  • Leave to soak in bend water throughout the night.
  • Then drink only water and drink it.
  • Doing so can improve eye health. The vision is excellent.

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