Benefits of dried apricots for digestion more..!

Benefits of dried apricots:Apricot is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. Here is the information about the health benefits of consuming this fruit.

Benefits of dried apricots

Have you ever seen saffron colored dry fruit? Are you thinking this is a fruit? Here we are talking about dry apricot fruit. Usually when you buy a packet of dry fruits it contains a saffron colored fruit with a sweet and sour taste. That is the apricot fruit.

Benefits of dried apricots

Rich in nutrients, this fruit is an important part of Iran’s global trade. Countries like Turkey, Italy, Russia, Spain, Greece, USA and France grow apricots fruit more.

Apricot is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. 100 grams of fresh apricots will cost you Sh. 12 percent of vitamin C, percent. 12 percent of vitamin A and Provides 6% of potassium to the body. Thus it provides many benefits including heart health, eye health.

Here is the complete information about the benefits of apricot fruit.

Good for heart health

As this fruit is high in fiber, it helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level in the body and increases the good cholesterol. Plus the potassium content in the fruit balances the electrolyte levels in our system, keeping our heart muscles in order. So do not miss apricot fruits in your diet list.

Prevents anemia

This fruit contains iron which increases blood production in the body. This helps in preventing anemia. So this apricot fruit is good for women. Helps to regenerate blood that is not lost during menstruation.

Benefits of dried apricots:Eye health

Apricots are full of vitamin A, also known as retinol. So it is good for eye health. It also increases immunity in the body. This apricot fruit is good for keeping away from some serious eye diseases.

Good for digestion

Apricots are a good source of fiber. Since the retinol in apricot dissolves fat, the fruit is easily digested in the body and important nutrients are easily absorbed by the system. This improves digestion. Eating apricots regularly can protect against gastrointestinal problems by cleansing the intestines.

Skin care

A combination of vitamins C, A and phytonutrients protect the skin. Antioxidants in apricots keep the skin looking radiant by eliminating the appearance of aging. So apart from good skin care, don’t forget to eat some apricots every day.

(Benefits of dried apricots)For strength of bones

Calcium is very important in the formation and growth of bones. Apricot fruit is rich in calcium content. Without enough potassium in the body, calcium is not absorbed and disposed of uniformly. But Apricot has them both. Thus, eating a single fruit can be very beneficial.

Juice for high blood pressure these fruits and vegetables help!

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