Banana peel benefits know here all details

Banana peel benefits:Eat banana and peel don’t throw out. It has many uses.

Banana peel benefits

Banana is the cheapest, most readily available, easily digestible fruit available all year round. So to get the full benefits of eating a banana a day is enough, digestion.

Banana peel benefits

It plays an important role in easing, keeping blood pressure under control, as well as controlling overeating as well as providing sudden strength.

If a mosquito bites ..

The anti-inflammatory properties of banana peel help to reduce the redness caused by mosquito bites. Rosewater, on the other hand, has soothing properties, keeping the skin cool. Moreover, it allows the wound to heal faster. Eyes help reduce pain and pain.

How to pack this?

Take the banana peel, scrape its fibers and store it in a bowl. Mash the fibers. Now add rose water to this mixture. Mix to make the paste come harder.

Pour this mixture into the mosquito bite area. Now, put some ice cubes in a clean cotton cloth and wrap. Only place it in a paste. Do this every 15 minutes. Then wash and dry the area.

Works as a pain reliever

Which part of your body is causing the most pain, leaving the ripe banana peel for 30 minutes and then removing the pain?

Swelling of the lower part of the eyes is reduced

Keeping the slices of banana peeled for just 15 minutes underneath the eyes will cause the eyes to be swollen back under extreme pressure.

Your feet will moisturize

Banana peel is beneficial as long as there are amino acids and vitamins A, B, C and these ingredients are a problem with dry skin and skin irritation. It helps maintain moisture on the side of the feet.

Your shoe will polish!

If yours is a leather shoe, you can polish it with a natural banana peel and make it shiny.

Great remedy for acne

Acne can be relieved by taking a little ripe banana peel and gently rubbing the area where acne is.

Mosquito bites bite the banana peel best

If you have ever bitten a mosquito or bite on the skin, then remember the banana peel. Rubbing it off will relieve the pain and irritation.

Isn’t manure for banana peel plants?

Instead of eating the banana and peeling it somewhere, enjoying seeing somebody else slip into the plant in the yard. It grows as a natural fertilizer.

(Banana peel benefits)You can cook a banana peel!

If your cooking is a little juicy or chewy, you can put a little banana peel on it and cook it first, then put the rest of the ingredients.

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