Anxiety and nail biting Why is this bad for you?

Anxiety and nail biting :If this habit starts to become addictive, it can be difficult to control it.

Anxiety and nail biting

Generally, some people have the habit of nail biting. We see children nail biting on a daily basis. But sometimes children do not take such instructions seriously. How many of us take this issue seriously and think about doing something about it? Because this is a bad habit.

Anxiety and nail biting

Nail biting is not just a habit, it is a serious problem. According to Dr. Neeraj Nagaiz, Senior Consultant, Gastroenterology, Potis Escorts Hospital, nail biting is a behavioral problem. Children or adolescents are under stress and anxious, making it a habit to bite the nail to control their thoughts. These types of attitudes are not good.

Every parent should see this as a matter of concern. If you see your child biting his nails, he is more likely to have a problem. Once you know this, find out what kind of stress your child is under. Spend quality time with your baby.

This will help you know what kind of stress your child is under. Once you know what kind of stress your child is under, it may be easier to fix the problem. If your child does not control the problem as soon as possible, it can develop into obsessive compulsive disorder.

Can nail biting have a serious effect on one’s health?

Nail biting can have a serious impact on one’s health. The practice of nail biting will not only damage your nails, but it will also affect your overall health. It causes gastro-intestinal problems, oral problems. Poor digestion, diarrhea, bad breath and difficulty in feeding are all the result of nail bites. These problems can escalate over time. This can make you seriously ill.

This is because there is enough dirt and bacteria to reproduce in the dirt stored in the nails. When you bite the nails, all of these substances enter your stomach directly. There is no doubt that all these dirty substances will damage your health as soon as your stomach is in place. Otherwise they will lose their health.

Self-esteem can wreak havoc

Nail biting reduces one’s self-esteem to a large extent. It is usually not advisable to look for bitten nails. In general, having this type of habit while you are out may damage your self esteem in public. Therefore, it is important to address this habit as early as possible.

But the point of concern is that most people don’t see this as a problem and nobody is bothered about it. The reason is less aware of the risks. That is why this article addresses the problems of nail biting. This is not a bad habit and will put the clips on your good health.

Addressing the disadvantage of nail biting

Anxiety and nail biting:It is important to address the disadvantage of nail biting in elementary classes. This is because when children are directly informed about these things they do not have any of these practices. Nail biting can be included as a separate subject in the school curriculum, making it more aware of the disadvantages of the practice.

Even if there is no permanent cure to stop the nail biting, talking to people, practicing breathing exercises can bring it under control. This can be controlled when the nail is distracted during a bite. If you practice long breathing exercises during this time, your nail bite will be alleviated and your health will benefit.

This is normal when there are stresses

We all have this habit at least once in life. This practice is more prevalent in early childhood. But for some people, this practice continues even before they get older. This practice is said to increase during times of boredom and stress. Sometimes there is the practice of nail biting, even when you don’t know what to do. Fungi in the nail join the body directly through your mouth. This increases the risk of stomach and intestinal infections.

It is difficult to leave any practice immediately. But it is best to slow down your practice a little bit. Do not let your nails get too long at a time that may not distract you. You will not make the effort to bite if you have fewer nails. No, apply nail polish to the nails, otherwise apply gloves to your hands. Try this until your habit is hidden.

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