38 Chemistry quiz 2021-Quations with answers

Chemistry quiz :In this article we discribed about 38 Chemistry quiz 2021-Quations with answers which make increase your chemistry GK level.

38 Chemistry quiz 2021-Quations with answers

1.Nitrogen in water is commonly found in the form of:-


2.Which of the following elements is obtained from the sea weeds?


3.which one of the following is found in Vinegar?

Answer:Acetic acid

4.The term ‘ brown air’ is used for

Answer:Photochemical smog

5.Most commonly used bleaching agent is:-


6.Cyanide Poisoning causes death in second because :-

Answer:It causes cardiac arrest

7.The ore of Aluminium is :-


8.which of the following particles has the dual nature of particle wave :-


9.Ultra Purification of a metal is done by:-

Answer:Zone melting

10.The radiation that can penetrate deepest input body :-


11.which one the following does not contain silver ?

Answer:German silver

12.An Important green house gas other than methane being produced from the agriculture field is :-

Answer:Nitrous oxide

13.which one of the following is not coal variety?


14.Dry ice is the Solid form of :-

Answer:Carbon dioxide

15.The Common name of sodium bicarbonate is:-

Answer:Baking soda

16.Atoms having same number of Protons but different number of neutrons are called:


17.The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is :


18.The most abundant elements by number in the living system is :


19. The ‘King of metal’ is :-


20.The strongest Oxidizing agent among the following is:-


21.The gas dissolved in water that make it basic is:


22.The number of hydrogen bonds between guanine and cytosine in DNA is :-


23.Which gas is emitted by power stations caused acid rain:-

Answer:Sulphur dioxide

24.Heavy water is :-

Answer:Deuterium oxide

25.Which one of the following vegetable oil used in manufacturer of paints:-

Answer:Linseed oil

26.At Room temperature,the metal that remains liquid is :


27.which is known as carbolic acid ?


28. Atomic explosion is triggered by

Answer:Uncontrolled chain reaction

29.Which method will be employed to test the hardness of water ?

Answer:Formation of lather with soap

30.which of the following does the nuclear of an atom Consists of ?

Answer:Protons and neutrons

31.which of the following is the main compound of voter link ?

Answer:Silver nitrate

32.what is a Bakelite ?


33.What do you understand by the term Espuma?


34.Limestone is a raw material used by which industry ?


35.Atomic number of an atom gives the number of which of the following ?


36.Which is the highest quality of hard coal?


37. Which of the following not a commercial source of energy ?

Answer:Fire wood

38.The most abundant metal in the earth crust is :-


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